Discover Your Unique Purpose ~ Make Your Greatest Impact


Every one of us, at one time or another, asks deep, foundational questions about our identity, vocation and purpose. Questions like:


Who am I?

What have I been born to do?

Do I really have what it takes?

How do I hit my stride in life? 

What are the right next steps to get me there?


Most of us try to answer these questions with personality assessments, skills inventories, and conversations with close friends and mentors. Those are helpful starting points, yet the biggest questions of life deserve an intentional, integrated process led by a seasoned guide who has walked these paths before. 

















LifePlan can provide that for you! Together with your guide, you’ll begin by discovering where you truly are and what brought you to where you are. Then, you'll create a visionary future that is rooted in truth and clarity about who you are and where you want to go. After that, you'll create an action plan with doable next steps, designed to help you find your place and make your greatest impact. This adds up to a focused, fruitful and fulfilling life that enables you to make a genuine difference in the lives of others and in the world around you! 


During the two-day LifePlan process you will also:

  • Gain great insights from the themes and patterns of your unique life story.

  • Discover your unique talents, identify the desires of your heart, and understand how you are wired to think.

  • Understand what drives you and where you do your very best work.

  • Prioritize your time and efforts personally, with your family, in your vocation, as well as in your church and community.

  • Focus on what is most important so you can move forward with confidence and joy.


Following the two days with your guide, you'll receive everything that you learned and mapped out during your LifePlan experience in the form of a Playbook, a leather binder to help you implement your plan. You’ll also receive a digital copy for your tablet and/or phone for easy referencing. 

LifePlan empowers those who feel like they are floundering to flourish; those in major life transitions to gain clarity and confidence; and those looking to maximize their season of life to see how and where they can significantly serve!

Because of the breadth of Dave's life and leadership experiences, as well as being a Certified LifePlan Facilitator with the Paterson Center, he is uniquely qualified to facilitate a LifePlan for you. He is able to do so via the traditional two-day one-on-one model or in a more flexible online expression over 6-12 months. Should you be interested in connecting with Dave to host a LifePlan for you, please fill out the information in the box on the Contact page and he'll respond directly to you. 

The LifePlan Story

Nearly everyone in America has been impacted by what Tom Paterson (1925-2019) designed, discovered or helped to facilitate. For example, at RCA Tom received the first U.S. base process patent on the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) PIN technology. He discovered the technology that made the first lightweight camcorder possible, creating large, new business channels for RCA and others. He introduced automotive electronics to the automotive industry and supervised the development of the electronic systems for Space Mountain at Walt Disney World (at the time it was the most advanced commercial “command and control” system in the world).

At Douglas Aircraft, Tom helped develop the business plan for the DC-8. At the Northrup Corporation, he developed the management system that allowed them to build the stealth bomber at a fixed price; guided the electronics division into large, metrical guidance-system business; and developed a planning process widely recognized as the most effective in the aerospace industry. At IBM Tom identified civilian space as a major aerospace initiative, architected the Apollo marketing plan, and prevailed in having an astronaut-guided Lunar Lander for moon landings.


His idea of overnight delivery with Flying Tigers became the key profit driver in its sale to FedEx. At a planning session that he facilitated with Seven-Up, the “caffeine free” category was born. More recently, his strategic processes and thinking helped OtterBox grow into the leading brand in the mobile phone accessory market.


Vincent Larson, Chairman of IBM, asked Tom to teach his principles to IBM and said this about Tom’s processes, “We have never seen better.” Estee Lauder said she had never seen such an effective strategic plan as the one assembled by her people in only three days, guided by Tom’s facilitation. His brilliantly-designed StratOp process has been adopted by countless organizations of all kinds—businesses, churches, government agencies, not-for- profit organizations, and educational institutions—guiding them towards organizational clarity, focus, alignment, adaptation and healthy growth.

Many would affirm that Tom’s greatest contribution rests in his conception and design of the LifePlan process, a comprehensive strategic planning process that guides an individual to an holistic perspective and plan for their life. LifePlan helps people discover who they are, who they are not, how they got to where they are, and where they are now. The process guides them to gain clarity into their core giftedness, passions, values, and purpose in life. The insight and clarity gained equips people to create their desired future, manage their LifePlan and adapt to unforeseen change. Tom’s LifePlan process has influenced and impacted thousands of individuals worldwide, and his lifework lives on through the mission and vision of the Paterson Center and the hundreds of StratOp and LifePlan facilitators and guides certified in Tom’s processes in the United States and throughout the world. 










A Few LifePlan Endorsements


“There’s nothing like the Paterson Process out there. Or…if there is, I’ve never run into it. Everybody we have ever exposed to it has said ‘unbelievable, nothing like it.’”   

~ Curt Richardson, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of Otterbox


“I did a LifePlan many years ago. I can’t recommend the Paterson process enough. It is an incredibly clarifying and telling experience for anyone at a crossroads or just looking for more purpose and meaning in their daily life.”  

~ Isaac Slade, Award-winning Artist & Lead Singer of The Fray


“I divide my professional life into halves; before LifePlan and after. While I was ambitious before, I was distracted and lacked focus. LifePlan helped take my shot-gun life and turn it into a laser. I’m more focused and on task than before. And grateful.”  

~ Donald Miller, CEO of Storybrand & NY Times Best-Selling Author


“Those two days will pay dividends for the rest of my life. I only wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did to do it. Honestly, I’d spent more time planning vacations than planning my life! I wasn’t living with the kind of intentionality it takes to turn possibilities into realities. By the time we were done, my sense of destiny was off the charts.”   

~ Mark Batterson, Pastor & NY Times Best-Selling Author

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