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Dave's Devotional
Reflections on the Nature, Character & Attributes of God
365 Daily Video Devotions ~ 2 Minutes A Day 
God as Creator (Day 1of 4)
God as Deliverer (Day 3 of 4)

What People Are Saying

There is much of who God is in His Word: Who He is, how we can worship Him, what He thinks of us. Check out Dave's Devotional. You'll be blessed!”  ~ Jeremy Camp

We're living in a day where people need to know the character of God. I'm really, really excited about Dave's devotional! It's something I could not recommend to you more highly.  

                                                                 ~ Mandisa

                        “While culture often screams confusing messages, Dave's                               short devotionals cut through the noise to provide clarity                               and truth that we can cling to daily.”  

                         ~ Jodi Otto, Administrative Assistant

                        “Dave's devotional is right on time, as I was in the process                              of searching for a new one to start my year! He can help 

                         us all start our days with quality time with the Lord.

                         ~ Greg Campbell, Deputy Chief Inspector


                       “Reflecting lessons of discipleship built faithfully over many                         years, in two short minutes Dave shares God's invitation to                           know Him more intimately, and to follow and obey Him."   

                         ~ Brenda Bertrand, Mentor and Army Chaplain


                        “In a mobile world of micro moments competing for our

                         attention, Dave has captured eternal facets of God's 

                         character making them relevant and refreshing.  

                         ~ Loren Johnson, Entertainment CEO

                       “Grab your coffee, your journal, your bible and listen up as                             every word will be dripping with grace and truth!”  

                        ~ Heidi Scanlon, Pastor of Prayer

                       “My spiritual growth flourishes around Dave. For less than  

                         a cup of coffee, you can receive a daily inspiration every

                         month from one of the most godly men I know.  

                         ~ Larry Hirose, Federal Agent


“I'm completely endorsing Dave's videos! They have already changed my life! 

                            ~ Sara Evans

               Dave's Devotional Will Help You...

~ Help you know and experience God based on what He is really like from the Scriptures.

~ Establish a habit of referencing the Nature, Character and Attributes of God in your life.

~ Reflect on 101 aspects of God's nature, character and attributes over 365 days, 2 minutes a day.

~ View these video devotions anytime, anywhere on your phone, tablet or computer.

~ Access Bonus Material:

Subscribers also get access to many of Dave's most important sermons that he's shared throughout the country, including Guarding Your HeartRelinquishing Rights, Our Father, If My People and The Pacing of Jesus. More of his sermons/teachings will be added throughout the year.

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What Pastors Are Saying

Dave's videos communicate the truth about the character of Almighty God. I cannot encourage you enough to subscribe to this devotional!” 

                                                 ~ Pastor Steve Berger

I'm thankful for Dave’s years’ worth of teaching being available right on my phone in the palm of my hand!  ~ Pastor Kent Chevalier