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David Buehring has been a devoted follower of Jesus for 46 years. Using his gifts, along with his broad life and leadership experiences, his aim is equipping the Church, making disciples and guiding leaders to reflect and reproduce the ways of God. 

Following many years as a missions leader and local church pastor, Dave has spent the last decade and a half speaking broadly throughout the country and various parts of the world, while also guiding leaders to live and lead in the ways of God. He’s the author of several books including A Discipleship Journey, a Scripturally sound, proven and practical resource used to make disciple-makers around the globe.

Dave has the honor of serving as the Founder and President of Lionshare, a nonprofit organization that ignites, equips and resources churches and leaders in effective disciple-making. He's also a certified LifePlan Facilitator with the Paterson Center, enjoying the opportunity to help people discover and fulfill the purposes for which God created them. On the local front, Dave has the privilege of participating part-time on the pastoral team at his home church, Grace Chapel.

With his wife, Cheryl (, they enjoy hanging with family and friends where they live in the beautiful hills of Franklin, Tennessee. Grandkid time, date nights, taking in Minnesota Vikings football or Nashville Predators hockey games, and trips to be with their 'Ohana in Hawaii' are some of the things that bring them joy and refreshment.

A Voice

Dave speaks regularly each year at retreats, conferences, leader gatherings, strategic summits, humanitarian relief trainings, missionary training schools and churches. He draws upon the well of the ways of God that he's learned and applied throughout his life.

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A Guide

While walking alongside people and advising leaders, Dave utilizes two proven processes to guide them in living faithful, focused and fruitful lives. 

A Leadership Journey

Journey with Dave and a dozen or so other leaders on a six-month path towards personal transformation and a leadership upgrade. Hosted annually by Dave and the Lionshare Leadership Group from January to June. 


A proven process, developed over decades, for those who feel like they are floundering, are in a key life transition, or desire to maximize their lives. As a Certified LifePlan Facilitator with the Paterson Center, Dave guides you through a two-day, one-on-one process to gain clear perspective on your life, along with a plan to put it all into action. Click on the LifePlan icon below to learn more!   

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Connect With Dave

If you would like to inquire about Dave speaking to your group, becoming an advisor for you personally or to your organization, participating in A Leadership Journey or schedule him to facilitate a LifePlan for you, you can contact him directly via the Connect Box below. To learn more about what Lionshare can do to aid you in disciple-making, please visit